All filters and options are read from ~/.autodl/autodl.cfg. The file will be automatically re-read when changes are made to it when autodl-irssi is running. If you use non-ASCII characters, set the encoding (aka character coding) to UTF-8 before saving.


All lines starting with the # character are ignored as comments. You may use this to disable options.

The options are in the form of option-name = value. All value options are case-insensitive.

There are different option types:
* Comma separated lists (value1, value2, value3)
* Number lists (1980-1999, 2010, 2012)
* Strings
* Integers
* Booleans (True/False)
* Sizes (120MB, 4.5GB)

The comma separated list type supports wildcards, where * means 0 or more characters and ? means exactly one character.


The file is made up of headers in the form of [headername] with the options for that header immediately below.

The headers are:

  • Options - Global options for autodl-irssi
  • Actions - Torrent action settings
  • IRC - General IRC configuration for autodl-irssi
  • Server - Settings for tracker IRC servers
  • Channel - Settings for tracker announce channels
  • Tracker - Tracker authentication options
  • Filter - Settings to filter announces
  • WebUI - uTorrent WebUI torrent action settings
  • FTP - FTP torrent action settings