How do I get a new tracker added to autodl-irssi?

First, check with tracker staff to get permission; some trackers don't want people autodownloading.

If you know how to create a new tracker file or edit an existing tracker file to suit your needs, you can submit a Pull Request to the trackers repository following the contributing guidelines. If you need it to be created by a member of autodl-community, submit an issue to the trackers repository or come to the IRC channel in the footer with the following information:

  • Tracker name
  • Tracker abbreviation (if applicable)
  • Tracker IRC server address
  • Tracker IRC announce channel
  • Tracker IRC announcer name
  • A decent size sampling of announces from the announce channel (at least 5-10)

Preferably, this information should be provided using a pastebin site. More information may be requested if necessary.

What's this Could not connect (111) error?

Error downloading files. Make sure autodl-irssi is started and configured properly (eg. password, port number): Error getting files listing: Error: Could not connect: (111) Connection refused

This is an error that occurs in the ruTorrent plugin when it can't communicate with autodl-irssi. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • irssi may not be running
  • autodl-irssi may not be enabled in irssi
  • Multiple instances of irssi with autodl-irssi enabled could be running
  • gui-server-port and gui-server-password settings may not be set in your autodl.cfg file
  • You may be using a seedbox from Feral Hosting; follow their instructions to get it working

What's this error about bare wildcards?

_____ is set to bare wildcard. This is unnecessary and unsupported by some options.

Many people believe they need to set a filter option to a bare asterisk to grab everything based on that filter option. If that were true, they would have to set ALL filter options to a bare asterisk. However, a filter in autodl-irssi, when enabled, matches everything until you set filter options to limit (aka filter) the results. Also, autodl-irssi supports using wildcards in only one type of option, comma separated lists. This mistaken belief can cause people to use bare asterisks in options that don't even support it.

TL/DR If you're not limiting/filtering by an option, you don't need to set it to anything.